Pre-approved CME activities

CME Scheme Pre-Approved List

AP: Anatomical Pathology


All indexed medical journals


Advances in Anatomic Pathology (Raven Press)

Pathology Case Reviews (Lippincott Raven)

Applied Immunohistochemistry (Raven Press)

Current Diagnostic Pathology (Churchill Livingstone)

International Journal of Surgical Pathology (Churchill Livingstone)

Pathology (State of the Art Reviews), Official publication of the California Society of Pathologists (Hanley and Belfus Inc.)

Recent Advances in Histopathology (Churchill Livingstone)

Blood Reviews (Churchill Livingstone)

(Note that some "reviews", such as Pathology Annual and Seminar in Diagnostic Histopathology, are indexed)

Slide Sets

California Tumour Tissue Registry monthly study slide sets

California Tumour Tissue Semi-Annual Slide Seminar slide sets

Slide workshops of the European Association of Hematopathology

Slide workshops of the Society of Hematopathology

College of American Pathologists Performance Improvement Programme in Surgical Pathology

Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia, programme of Continuing Education in Anatomical Pathology

International Meetings

General and Tumour Pathology

1. European Congress of Pathology (European Society of Pathologists), held every other year, around August-October, in a European city

2. United States-Canadian Academy of Pathology Annual Meeting (US-Canadian IAP), held eery year, March, in USA or Canada

3. California Seminars in Pathology (California Society of Pathologists), held every year in December, in California

4. California Tumour Tissue Registry Semi-Annual Slide Seminars (California Tumour Tissue Registry), held twice a year (June and December), in California [December slide seminar is combined with California Seminars in Pathology]

5. Diagnostic Pathology (US-Canadian Academy of Pathology), held every year in USA or Canada, around August

6. Courses organized by the Royal Postgraduate Medial School (Hammersmith)

7. Courses organized by the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology

8. Education courses organized by the American Society of Clinical Pathologists

9. Education courses organized by the International Academy of Cytology

10. Education courses organized by the College of American Pathologists

11. Education courses organized by the British Division of International Academy of Pathology

12. Education courses organized by the Royal College of Pathologists (UK)

13. Hong Kong IAP Annual Scientific Meeting (HK IAP), held every year, around October-November, in Hong Kong

14. International Congress of the International Academy of Pathology (International Academy of Pathology), held once every 2 years, around October, in various countries

15. The Surgical Pathology of Neoplastic Diseases, Advanced Course (Memorial-Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre, New York), held every year, around May, in New York or Italy

16. Current Issues in Surgical Pathology (Southwestern Medical School, University of Texas at Dallas), held every year, around May, in Dallas, USA

17. Scientific meeting of the Pathological Society of Great Britain and Ireland (Pathological Society of Great Britain and Ireland), held twice a year, in July and January, in U.K.

18. Current Concepts in Surgical Pathology (Stanford University Medical School), held every year, around September-October, at Stanford, USA

19. Meeting of the American Society of Pathologists (American Society of Pathologists), Spring meeting (April-May) and Fall meeting (September-October) every year, in USA

20. Annual Postgraduate Institute for pathologists in Clinical Cytopathology (John Hopkins University School of Medicine), held every year (February-April) in Baltimore, Maryland, USA

21. Education courses organized by the Harvard Medical School

22. Current Issues in Anatomic Pathology (University of California, San Francisco), held every year, around May, in San Francisco, USA

23. Annual Meeting of the American Society for Investigative Pathology (American Society for Investigative Pathology), held very year, around April, in a U.S. city

24. Annual Scientific Meeting of the Royal College of pathologists of Australasia (Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia), held every year, around October, in Australia

25. Annual Scientific Meeting of the Australian Division of International Academy of Pathology (Australian IAP), held every year, around June, in Australia

26. International Surgical Pathology Symposium organized by the Mayo Clinic


Annual Postgraduate Institute for Pathologists in Clinical Cytopathology, organized by the John Hopkins University and John Hopkins Hospital, held every year, in 2 parts, around Frbruary to April, Baltimore, Maryland

International Congress of Cytology, organized by the International Academy of Cytology, held every year, around May.


Annual meeting of the American Society of Dermatopathology

International and Regional Colliquiums of the International Society of Dermatopathology, hely every year, around November.

Dermatopathology Courses organized by the American Academy of Dermatology


Annual Hematopathology Workshop (New York University), held every year, around May, in New York, USA

Meeting of the European Association for Hematopathology (EAHP), held every year, around April, in an European city

Tutorials on Neoplastic Hematopathology (Tutorials on Neoplastic Hematopathology, Inc.), held every year, at different times of the year, in a U.S. city


Annual Meeting of American Association of Neuropathologists

Annual Meeting of the Australian and New Zealand Society of Neuropathology

International Congress of Neuropathology

European Congress of Neuropathology

CC: Clinical Chemistry

1. Local

Educational program organized by HK Society of Clinical Chemistry

Combined Endocrine Meetings organized by QMH.

Comined Endocrine CPC organized by QEH /PMH.

Inborn Error of Metabolism Meeting organized by PWH.

2. Overseas

Program organized by:-

RCPath (UK)

RCPA (Australia)

Asso of Clin Biochemists (UK)

American Society of Clin Chem (USA)

International Federation of Clin Chem

Asia-Pacific Federation of Clin Chem

HM: Haematology

Interhospital Activities:

1. Interhospital Haematology Journal Club (QEH, PYNEH, UCH, CMC)

All are welcome

1. Blood Round (KWH)

Self-hospital Activities

1. CMC Haematology Journal Club

Formal Programs Organised by the following Professional Bodies

1. The Hong Kong Society of Haematology

2. The Hong Kong Association of Blood Transfusion and Haematology

3. International Society of Haematology

4. International Association of Blood Transfusion

5. American Association of Blood Banking

6. European School of Transfusion Medicine

7. European Society of Haematology

8. Australian Society for Blood Transfusion

9. Australian Scoiety of Haematology

10. British Society of Haematology

11. British Blood Transfusion Society

12. American Society of Haematology

MM: Medical Microbiology

Specific Programs

1. Hong Kong AIDS Conference

2. Joint-Hospital CMLE Program in Microbiology

3. Joint-Hospital Infection Round (QMH)

4. Joint Hospital Training Programme in Medical Microbiology

5. Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy

6. Western Pacific Congress on Infectious Siseases

7. Commissioned Training Course in Epidemiology, Hospital Authority

Formal Educational Activities organised by the following Professional Bodies

8. Hong Kong College of Pathologists (eg TB Teoh Foundation Lecture)

9. Hong Kong Asssociation of Medical Microbiologists

10. Hong Kong Society for Microbiology and Infection

11. Hong Kong Society for Infectious Diseases

12. American Society of Microbiologists (eg.AGM)

13. Hong Kong Infection Control Nurses Association (Bi-monthly Seminar)

NP: Non - Pathology


15th World Congress of CICD (Collegium Internationale Chirurgia Digesticae)

Seoul, Korea


бе96 China International Symposium on Gerontology

Wulingyuan Hunan, China


10th Asian-Pacific Congress of Gastroenterology



3rd Western Pacific Regional Congress of the International Diabetes Federation

Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre


11th Asian Colloqium in Nephrology



4th Congress of the Asian Pacific Society of Respirology



2nd Regional Scientific Meeting in Paediatric Dermatology



6th STDs/AIDS Diploma Course

Bangkok & Songkla, Thailand


International Chinese Paediatrics Forum

The University of Hong Kong


9th Congress of the Federation of theAsia and Oceania Perinatal Societies



5th Congress of Asia Pacific Association of Respiratory Care



3rd Hong Kong International Cancer Congress & 7th International Epstein-Barr Virus and Associated Disease Symposium

Hong Kong Conventiona and Exhibition Centre


13th Asia Pacific Cancer Conference

Penang Malaysia


5th Western Pacific Congress on Chemotherapy and Infectious Diseases



Update in Internal Medicine 1996

Boston, USA


13th Asia Pacific Cancer Conference

Kuala Lumpor


7th ASEAN Orl/Head and Neck Congress

Kuala Lumpor


5th Federation of ASEAN Urological Association



International Symposium on Digestion, Endocrinology and Metabolism

The Univrsity of Hong Kong


Hong Kong Internation Cancer Congress

Hong Kong

Jan 1997

2nd Internation Conference on Drugs of Abuse


The Second Asian Congress on Down Syndrome Screening



11th Biennial Congress-Asian Surgical Association Congress

Hong Kong


9th Asian Congress of Pediatrics

Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre


5th Asian Pan Pacific Congress of Paediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition



24th Annual Meeting of the International Society for the Study of the Lumbar Spine



19th International League Against Rheumatism (ILAR) Congress of Rheumatology



11th International Symposium on Contact Dermatitis



11th Asean Congress of Cardiology



14th Asian Pacific Cancer Congress 1997

Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre


Hong Kong International Cancer Congress & Asian Pacific Cancer Congress 1997

Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre


9th International Conference on Ulcer Research

Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre