About Our College


The Hong Kong College of Pathologist (the College) is an independently registered corporate entuty in Hong Kong which is incorporated in Hong Kong with limited liability, and a member college in the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine. The Hong Kong Academy of Medicine recognizes the College as the authority for overseeing the training and accreditation of pathologists in Hong Kong.

The College is responsible for setting standards and monitoring pathology training. The College sets and administers the specialty and subspecialty examinations and admits successful candidates to membership and fellowship.

The Council

Office Bearers
President  Dr. Mak Wai Ping 
Immediate Past-President  Prof. Faith C.S. Ho 
Vice-President  Dr. Chan Keeng Wai 
Vice-President  Dr. Robert J. Collins 
Registrar  Dr. Tse Chun Hing 
Deputy Registrar  Dr. Ng Wing Fung 
Honorary Treasurer  Dr. Poon Wai Ming   


Council Members
Prof. Augustine Cheng
Dr. Chu Wan, Raymond
Dr. Lee Kam Cheong
Dr. Loke Shee Loong
Dr. Mong Hoi Keung
Dr. Tam Chi Fai, Sydney
Dr. Wong Kit Fai
Dr. Yung Wai Hung, Raymond